January 2, 2011

If you do nothing, nothing will happen.

The end of my first day without Facebook! I found myself reaching for my phone a couple of times but I am really glad I don't have it any more. It feels good knowing I am no longer a part of that world. I felt obligated to use it but I say, if I really want to stay in contact with someone, I will. I think my connections with people will be a little more meaningful because of it. AH! It feels good!

So! I have been toying with the idea of doing month-long projects. Like, one-a-day type things and writing about where these experiments take me. It could be things like, writing one letter a day for one month, or designing once poster a day for a month, or making something new every day for a month, or making a new recipe every day for one month...you get the idea. I was inspired by this project that I have been following for a long time called The Uniform Project (click on the link to go to the site). One girl per month wears the same dress for that entire month and takes a picture of herself wearing it. The girl then blogs a little about what it means to be a part of the project and her outfit that day. People donate money based on if they think the girl is doing a good job and all of the money she raises goes to the charity of the girl's choosing.

I wish I could be one of the girls in the project. I have been following it from the very beginning when Sheena, the founder, wore the same dress for an ENTIRE YEAR. Of course she had the most fabulous accessories but they were all donated, thrifted or designed from discarded shipping material/recyclables. I think that is just way cool. You all know how much I love using odd materials to make something cool (See: Utility Quilts). I really think I could do it too.

But I am not really established in anything just yet so I think I might have to wait my turn. Until then, I'll do my own Uniform Project. Except I'll call it something else. Something pretty sweet. I'll come up with it tomorrow and get started ASAP. Why? because this is the year to get shit done.

On a similar note my roommate, and me by consequence, are really into Dubstep remixes of pop songs lately.

Click here to listen to a shitty dubstep remix!!!

Trav says that this is the year that dubstep will die. I believe him. He called it. So anyway, we're sitting here in the office (our microscopic dining room, if you could call it that) listening to various shitty dubstep songs like this one:
this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-KoUlHG6fU&feature=related
and this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8e0MPlnoHM&feature=related

Then I saw this....

and this...


and this...

- I leave you with babies dancing to dubstep.


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