January 21, 2011

You think you know everything...

...and then you find out there is a movement of people out there who are pushing for the advancement of the human life form. Transhumanists believe in the integration of humans and the technology we create in order to evolve into a "post-human" society. My synapses are firing every robot-warfare and sci-fi TV drama that I know about into the forefront of my brain right now. I'm not scared of that idea, but it does unsettle me a little bit to think that it actually is possible.

I'm not done reading this Wikipedia article yet, (its LONG) but I will and when I do I am going to have a lot to think about. Already I wonder if we aren't the ones that are holding ourselves back. If we have the technology to be better humans, why don't we become better humans? Isn't that the whole point of evolution? People worry that the world is going to end and that global warming is going to kill us but we seem to have evolved the technology to combat it, or at least survive it.

I think maybe we have moved into a different phase of evolution. Perhaps we are still changing physically, better adapting with each generation to the world we live in, but maybe a NEW kind of evolution has moved into the foreground. Mental evolution? A new age of modernism? What the hell is going on? Am I the only one confused with how to live in this day and age? Who are we? Cyborgs or humans? Do we resist this change or accept it? Is this good or bad or is there even a way to determine right and wrong anymore? Am I going crazy?

Who am I kidding. Know everything?!?
I don't know ANYthing.

Lost in the dark,

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